Limerick Generating Station.

Limerick Generating Station.

LIMERICK PA – Seventy-five percent of 800 Pennsylvania residents who responded to a poll about nuclear energy last September hold “a favorable opinion” of either the Limerick Generating Station or the Three Mile Island nuclear plant near Harrisburg, pollsters said Tuesday (Jan. 13, 2009).

The poll results were released by the Pennsylvania Energy Alliance, a newly formed group that intends to “advocate for nuclear energy and increase awareness of the environmental and economic benefits it brings to the Commonwealth.” The coalition said its membership consisted of community leaders, technical experts, and business and industry representatives.

“Overwhelming majorities in Pennsylvania believe nuclear energy is safe and reliable, will help reduce the effects of global warming, and will lead to greater energy independence and increased national security,” said G. Terry Madonna, whose firm did the research. “These views are held by Pennsylvanians who live near nuclear energy plants, as well as those who do not,” he added.

The poll concluded that:

  • More than 82 percent of respondents believe nuclear power is important to meeting America’s energy needs;
  • 82 percent believe nuclear power is a reliable source of electricity;
  • 73 percent believe nuclear power will lead the country to greater independence from foreign energy sources;
  • More than 66 percent believe nuclear power is safe;
  • Nearly 60 percent believe nuclear power will lead to increased national security; and
  • 57 percent believe the use of nuclear power will reduce the effects of global warming.

Pennsylvania is the nation’s second largest producer of nuclear energy, according to the alliance. Both Limerick and Three Mile Island are operated by Exelon Corp.

Photo by Wind Watcher at Flickr