Thay paid how much?

They paid how much?

LIMERICK PA – The top price for a home sold within the township from Nov. 10-17, 2008, came in at $369,000, the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper reports.

The home is located at 52 Llewellyn Ln.. A second, at 115 William Penn Dr., sold for $360,000; and a third, at 5 Sandtrap Dr., sold for $285,000. This week’s top reported prices were listed Sunday (Feb. 22, 2009) in “The Top 50,” the newspaper’s weekly review of highest prices paid for homes sold within the city of Philadelphia and the townships in its surrounding counties.

By contrast, during the same period, the top home sales price in Lower Pottsgrove, immediately to the west was $157,000; Upper Providence Township, east, $411,500; New Hanover Township, northwest, $411,355; Perkiomen Township, northeast, $385,000; Lower Frederick Township, north northeast, none listed, and Upper Frederick Township, north northwest, $205,900.