There’s news that’s local, and news that’s just not local enough.

News that’s local – having to do with or in Limerick (PA) Township – is regularly reported here. News that’s just not local enough may happen nearby, and may be of interest to readers, but is not something on which The Limerick Post would normally report. Because The Post doesn’t want you to miss out, though, good stuff that’s just not local enough is nonetheless listed below.

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What They Sold For (The Sanatoga Post, Sanatoga PA)
A weekly review of top home prices paid in Lower Pottsgrove and surrounding townships.

Scout, Trout. Trout, Scout. Say Hello (The Sanatoga Post, Sanatoga PA)
Hundreds of volunteers made their way Saturday to Warwick County Park, 14 miles southwest of Sanatoga, to help the state stock French Creek with trout for fishing season.

Notebook Worthy (The Sanatoga Post, Sanatoga PA)
Falcons return to their lofty nest. A Falcon of a different feather is honored by his peers. A fireman is honored, too, in Potts Grove (that’s not a misprint). And cake is served at Sunneybrook (and that IS a misprint).

Pa. Turnpike Loses a Bridge (NBC, Philadelphia PA)
The Pennsylvania Turnpike lost something Sunday morning — a bridge! Demolition experts removed the Valley Forge Road Bridge.