There’s news that’s local, and news that’s just not local enough.

News that’s local – having to do with or in Limerick (PA) Township – is regularly reported here. News that’s just not local enough may happen nearby, and may be of interest to readers, but is not something on which The Limerick Post would normally report. Because The Post doesn’t want you to miss out, though, good stuff that’s just not local enough is nonetheless listed below.

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Hundreds Turn Out For Job Fair (The Sanatoga Post, Sanatoga PA)
As the federal government announced unemployment insurance filings Thursday, the TriCounty Area chamber conducted a heavily attended job fair for local residents. Other labor news Thursday indicated things on the jobs front may be improving.

Met-Ed Gets Advance Payments OK (The Sanatoga Post, Sanatoga PA)
The utility company, which serves part of Lower Pottsgrove, receives approval to accept advance payments for customers who want to offset higher electricity costs expected by 2011.

Producer Market Beckons From Downtown (The Sanatoga Post, Sanatoga PA)
A new venue selling fresh fruits and vegetables gives Lower Pottsgrove residents and their neighbors another reason to venture into Pottstown this Sunday.

Students teach staff English at Ursinus (The Inquirer, Philadelphia PA)
About 20 students at Ursinus College in Collegeville PA, mostly Latino and human-rights activists, started a class that, twice a week, teaches English to Spanish-speaking members of the college’s custodial staff.

Wake-up Call: Drowsy Drivers Are Serious Threat (WFMY-TV, Greensboro NC)
A near-accident changed the life of Pottstown PA resident Lionel Edwards, who until he got help for obstructive sleep apnea, found himself falling asleep at the wheel while driving.