Funds from the feds.

Funds from the feds.

ROYERSFORD PA – Hundreds of Royersford senior citizens who receive either Social Security or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, or who are beneficiaries of Veterans Affairs or the Railroad Retirement Board, have extra money coming to them in late May.

They will be among nearly 55 million older Americans, enrolled in those government programs, who are scheduled to be mailed a one-time $250 payment from federal economic stimulus funds. The move is intended to inject $13 billion into the economy.

The population in Rouyersford borough as of July 2007, according to the Census Bureau, was 4,347. The bureau estimates that 11.4 percent of residents in the 19468 zip code, which includes Royersford, are age 65 or older. Based on those figures, it’s possible that up to 495 borough residents have checks coming to them.

Funds from Social Security or SSI will be delivered through those agencies. The VA and railroad board will be responsible for paying individuals under their respective programs. There’s no double-dipping, though; those enrolled in multiple programs will receive only one payment.

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