NORRISTOWN PA – Primary election voter turnout Tuesday (May 19, 2009) in Montgomery County (PA) was light, the county Board of Elections’ unofficial results show. Slightly more than 13 percent of all registered voters eligible to cast ballots in their parties’ primaries did so, according to the compilation of voting machine (“cartridge”) and absentee ballots.

Republican voter turnout, as measured by both vote count and percentage of those registered, was higher than that of Democrats.

Tables showing the overall county results, made available early Wednesday (May 20, 2009) from the board’s website, appear below. Registration and turnout numbers specifically for Limerick (PA) Township were not immediately available.

Montgomery County (PA) Voter Registration and Turnout
586,630 Voters
Vote Count Percent
Cartridge Turnout 75,434 12.86%
Absentee Turnout 960 0.16%
Total 76,394 13.02%

Democratic Registration and Turnout
264,838 Voters
Vote Count Percent
Cartridge Turnout 35,519 13.41%
Absentee Turnout 360 0.14%
Total 35,879 13.55%

Republican Registration and Turnout
238,203 Voters
Vote Count Percent
Cartridge Turnout 39,915 16.76%
Absentee Turnout 600 0.25%
Total 40,515 17.01%

Because voters registered as independents cannot participate in Pennsylvania primary elections, the board showed the total “non-partisan registration and turnout” as zero.