MIDDLETOWN PA – It took almost three months, but the Pennsylvania Lottery, headquartered in Middletown, announced Friday (May 29, 2009) it finally had its first jackpot winner in the state’s Super 7 lottery drawing. The winner, once checked out, gets to claim $8.26 million … less federal and state taxes, of course.

Super 7 Logo.

Super 7 Logo.

Winning numbers in Friday’s drawing, the 23rd since Super 7 was launched on March 13 (2009), were 02-04-09-12-17-19-24-28-41-42-53. The winner needed to match only seven of the 11 numbers selected. Lottery officials say they won’t announce the winner’s name until the prize is claimed and his or her (or their) ticket is validated.

The jackpot started with a $1 million annuity and continued to build Tuesdays and Fridays until won. Now the Super 7 resets at $1 million once more – in cash it’s actually worth about $490,000 – for the drawing to be held tonight (Tuesday, June 2, 2009).

Feelin’ lucky? The Lottery has 16 retail vendors in the Royersford 19468 zip code. Search for them here.

Logo image from the Pennsylvania Lottery