The Limerick Post scanned available news feeds during recent days and found these stories of local interest.

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Closed meetings taking longer in Limerick (WhatsThe422.com)
Municipal and school officials sometimes meet in executive session – or closed-door meetings – to discuss matters they don’t want the general public to hear.

Local Police Blotter (WhatsThe422.com)
On May 23, state police chased a Linfield man off Route 422 and into Linfield Village, where 46-year-old James H. Bortner crashed, according to police.

Attorney disagrees with DEP “mandate” (WhatsThe422.com)
Limerick’s solicitor Joe McGrory is at odds with the state’s Department of Environmental Protection over a future sewer pump station on Lewis Road.

Fire official: Extreme weather and fires are Limerick’s biggest threats (WhatsThe422.com)
July 27 will mark the 15th anniversary of a deadly tornado strike in Limerick Township.

Taxpayers still skeptical of architect for Spring-Ford HS (WhatsThe422.com)
Janet Stokes wanted the chance to ask Gary Bannon about the looming addition at Spring-Ford Senior High School. But Bannon, of E.I. Associates, left Tuesday’s meeting after School Board President Donna Williams told him to speak to the property committee first. The total project cost – as well as “alternate” bids and the architect’s preferred payment method – have come under scrutiny recently in Limerick.

Week-in-review: Limerick edition (WhatsThe422.com)
Memorial Day weekend follows a busy week in Limerick politics, with three incumbents getting tossed by voters.

Tax hike in Spring-Ford now under 4 percent (WhatsThe422.com)
With about one month remaining until the 2009-10 school budget must be adopted, Spring-Ford Area School District officials have tightened expenses a bit more. The tax increase currently stands at 3.95 percent.