SPRING CITY PA – Borough residents can show their support for more than 6,000 Pennsylvania National Guard troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan by leaving goods in specially marked donation boxes at the Turkey Hill Minit Market convenience store, 2 E. Bridge St., or at any one of 250 other Turkey Hill locations across Pennsylvania.

Night run at Turkey Hill

Night run at Turkey Hill

The retailer announced the start of Operation Hometown Hello, a new program, in a press release Tuesday (June 30, 2009). Goods from a list distributed by the Guard can either be brought into stores to be donated, or purchased and deposited there. Turkey Hill will then collect the boxes and pay the shipping costs to send them overseas.

The “brave folks serving overseas are our neighbors, friends, family members, colleagues and members of our local community,” Turkey Hill public relations manager Erin Dimitriou Smith said. “We’re thrilled to make our stores available for this program.”

The Guard list supplied to Turkey Hill consists of Top 10 items most requested by servicemen and women. Sought for donation are, in order of preference: individual-sized peanut packets, single-serve beef jerky products, packs of gum, non-chocolate candies, pens and pencils, pocket-sized notebooks, single-serve bags of flavored sunflower seeds, individual packs of pretzel rods, protein and energy bars, and granola bars.

Other local Turkey Hill stores accepting donations include those at 3051 E. High St., Lower Pottsgrove PA; 798 N. Charlotte St.,, Pottstown PA; 1600 W. High St., Stowe PA; and 1434 E. Philadelphia Ave., Gilbertsville PA.