LIMERICK PA – Recent jottings from a reporter’s notebook:

Red, white, blue ... and other colors too.

Red, white, blue ... and other colors too.

Adding More Color To Philly’s Skyline

Since 1976, when PECO Energy began operating a lighted signboard system atop its corporate headquarters building at 23rd and Market streets in Philadelphia (pictured above), the firm has flashed more than 17,500 messages to the public in mostly white-yellow lights on a black background. That practice officially ended Saturday night (July 4, 2009).

Now the signs flash messages in energy-efficient color.

Thirty-three years to the day since the first monochrome message lit up the sky, PECO unveiled new light-emitting diode (LED, or tech talk for “really fancy”) signs that stretch for 76 feet on the building’s east and west sides, and 172 feet along the north and south faces. The comparatively low-energy-usage signs show both letters and images in glowing hues. The company demonstrated the system’s abilities with a special show that was part of the city’s Independence Day celebration.

PECO is willing to display messages on behalf of local community and non-profit groups. If your organization wants to have its message considered, visit PECO’s website, send an e-mail, or call 215-841-5110.

Culinary Fireworks

A woman who introduced herself Saturday (July 4, 2009) explained her mostly vegetarian dietary philosophy this way: “I can have eggs for breakfast, and enjoy cream in my coffee, but I don’t eat anything that has a face.” Her meal at the Independence Day picnic consisted of relish, minus the hamburger and hot dog.