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LIMERICK PA – So you buy a state lottery ticket or maybe two, week after week, and you never win. Not a dollar. Not $2. Nothing. And you figure, “nobody else wins either.”

You’re oh-so-wrong. Donald Moyer of Limerick won in May (2009). Theresa Szychowski of Pottstown did too, and Dawn Beasley of Sanatoga.

Gus, the Pennsylvania Lottery's groundhog mascot.

Gus, the Pennsylvania Lottery's groundhog mascot.

In fact, 52 individuals in the TriCounty (Montgomery, Chester and Berks PA counties) area each won at least $1,000 – and one of them won $225,000! – in a variety of May lottery drawings, the winners of which were recently announced by the Middletown PA-based Pennsylvania Lottery.

The May winner lists, the most current available, were published on the Lottery’s website. Most of the local winners listed participated in the Lottery’s instant, or “scratch-to-play,” games. Others took prizes in the games for Mix And Match, PowerBall, Cash 5, Quinto, and Super 7. Specific dollar amounts won by individuals can be found on the lists linked within this paragraph.

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Good fortune was found many places during May, it seems. Luck lived in Pottstown borough, where during the month 18 people collectively won $250,620. It lived in Phoenixville as well, where 10 people combined to win $24,100. It even camped in Spring City, where four people won a total of $16,500.

Here are the bigger winners – the ones who made off with a cool grand, at minimum – and where they call home:

Limerick: Richard J. Myers, and Donald Moyer.

Royersford: Genevieve Tuski, Richard Ackerman, Paul Baldassano, Carol A. Ganovsky and Bruce A. Mcclintock.

Phoenixville: Linda Harmon, Mellisa Nguyen, Thomas Sakal, Alfred Szydlowski, Thomas Zollers, Alexander M. Mark, Richard Ackerman, Theresa Miller-Sheeler, John Bailey, and Alecia B. Miller.

Collegeville: Sue Smith, Terry Tomah, and John Corey.

Schwenksville: David A. Gillard.

Spring City: Donna Guest, Cynthia Livergood, Gregory P. Neiss, and Randall R. Frech

Who won during May in: