20090610-LookingWest100px-ZlomekThese stories, which may be of interest to readers of The Limerick Post, appeared exclusively between July 19 (2009; Sunday) and July 25 (2009; Saturday) in its companion publications, The Sanatoga Post and The Pottstown Post:

Saturday, July 25

Friday, July 24

Thursday, July 23

Wednesday, July 22

Tuesday, July 21

Monday, July 20

  • Here Today, Gone Tomorrow At Competing Plaza
    Retailing property wealth continues to shift from Pottstown Plaza, in the Pottstown School District, to Upland Square Shopping Center in the Pottsgrove School District.
  • Recovery Act Signs Cause A Stir
    Signage promoting the use of federal economic stimulus money in local highway projects is gaining adverse, not positive, publicity.
  • Posts Join ProPublica Reporting Effort
    Career Education Media Ventures, publisher of The Sanatoga Post, is sharing stories about local projects funded by federal stimulus money with a national investigative journalism organization.
  • What They Sold For
    A weekly review of top prices paid for homes in Lower Pottsgrove (PA) Township and surrounding municipalities.
  • Notebook Worthy
    Nature’s beauty, found close to home. Nature worth eating, even if it’s “dirt.” Antennas that will soar high above nature. And fighting an unnatural enemy with the best medicine, laughter.
  • Also, In The Pottstown Post …

Sunday, July 19

  • The Post Week In Review
    For July 12-18, 2009
  • Avoiding Investment Scams
    With the stock market in turmoil, some bad guys are looking for their next sucker. Here’s how to ensure you’re not it. Part of The Posts’ Sunday Contributor series.