The CDC worries about school children the flu.

The CDC worries about school children the flu.

HARRISBURG PA – Virtually all cases of flu recently identified to the Pennsylvania Department of Health are of the “swine flu” or H1N1 variety, state health officials said earlier this month. Now they’re preparing guidelines to direct schools on dealing with swine flu later this fall.

The state is awaiting advice from the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) before issuing its recommendations to the Spring-Ford, Pottsgrove, and Pottstown school districts, and hundreds of others statewide.

The CDC scheduled a press conference Wednesday (July 29, 2009) to discuss its recommendations on the use and distribution of a proposed swine flu vaccine. Vaccines are expected to be offered to school-age children by October, before the winter flu season gets under way.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration last week announced it had approved a vaccine for seasonal use, but said that shot would not provide swine flu protection.

The CDC also has said it wants schools to be more aggressive in ensuring flu-sickened students are kept home by their parents or guardians.

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