20090610-LookingWest100px-ZlomekThese stories, which may be of interest to readers of The Limerick Post, appeared exclusively between July 26 (2009; Sunday) and Aug. 1 (2009; Saturday) in its companion publications, The Sanatoga Post and The Pottstown Post:

Saturday, Aug. 1

Friday, July 31

Thursday, July 30

Wednesday, July 29

Tuesday, July 28

  • Keep Healthy This Week
    A review of free or low-cost local seminars, support groups, screenings, tests and clinics to help you stay healthy and fit, sponsored or conducted by community health care organizations.
  • Commissioners OK Zoning Board Appointments
    A new member and new alternate, Robert Mohollen and Stephen Klotz, respectively, were chosen to fill Lower Pottsgrove vacancies.
  • No Need To Ask Them Twice
    Sensing a really good deal, Lower Pottsgrove commissioners quickly accept a bid on a used car.

Monday, July 27

Sunday, July 26