20090610-LookingWest100px-ZlomekThese stories, which may be of interest to readers of The Limerick Post, appeared exclusively between Aug. 9 (2009; Sunday) and Aug. 15 (2009; Saturday) in its companion publications, The Sanatoga Post and The Pottstown Post:

Saturday, Aug. 15

Friday, Aug. 14

Thursday, Aug. 13

Wednesday, Aug. 12

Tuesday, Aug. 11

Monday, Aug. 10

  • Federal Stimulus In MontCo Worth $108 Per Person … So Far
    An analysis by ProPublica shows more than $84 million so far has flowed into Montgomery County under the federal Recovery Act. U.S. Route 422 drivers and the Pottsgrove School District are among direct beneficiaries.
  • How Berks, Chester Counties Compare In Stimulus Spending
    Unlike the national picture, of which ProPublica reporting is critical, it appears that in the Tri-County area the county of greatest need received the most stimulus money per capita.
  • What They Sold For
    A weekly review of top prices paid for homes in Lower Pottsgrove (PA) Township and neighboring municipalities.
  • Creeks Swell With Sunday’s Rain
    The National Weather Service issued a flash flood warning Sunday, as streams in Lower Pottsgrove and elsewhere filled with run-off. Up next today: scorching heat.
  • Foundation’s Peeke Videos Available Online
    Video segments from the inspiring speaker who advocated lifestyle changes during the fifth anniversary dinner of the Pottstown Area Health and Wellness Foundation now can be viewed online.

Sunday, Aug. 9