Secretary Stetler.

HARRISBURG PA – Pennsylvanians apparently drank more and smoked more last month than anticipated. Bought more real estate, and more cars too. Even paid more in personal income taxes. Yet despite those increases, the state’s October (2009) revenue collections fell $19.5 million short of what it expected, Revenue Secretary Stephen Stetler said Monday (Nov. 2, 2009).

Here’s what the Revenue Department brought in during October, compared to what it hoped for:

  • General fund collections, $8.8 billion, down $160.2 million below estimate;
  • Sales tax receipts, $696.6 million, down $37 million;
  • Personal income taxes, $719.9 million, up $13.7 million over estimate;
  • Corporation taxes, $116.6 million, up $500,000;
  • Inheritance and other taxes, $61.2 million, up $800,000
  • Realty transfer taxes, $26.1 million, up $1.4 million
  • Taxes for cigarettes, malt beverages, liquor and others, $94.4 million, up $11 million;
  • Non-tax revenue, $1.8 billion, down $9.9 million; and
  • Motor license fund, $325.6 million, up $41.1 million.

In addition, without offering comparisons to estimates, Stetler said the state last month collected $56.3 million in gaming fund unrestricted revenues, $6.6 million in gaming fund local share assessments, $8.3 million in Economic Development and Tourism Fund money, and $19.8 million for the Race Horse Development Fund.

Photo from the PA Revenue Department

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