Wentz Farmstead summer kitchen.

WORCESTER PA – The sights and aromas of winter food preservation and preparation, typical of the late 18th through early 19th centuries, is the experience that will be offered to visitors Jan. 23 (2010; Saturday) from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Montgomery County’s historic Peter Wentz Farmstead, just east of the intersection of Routes 73 and 363 in Worcester PA.

Before the inventions of refrigerators and supermarkets, people in the past had to find other ways to make their fresh food last as long as possible. In the farmstead’s summer kitchen, volunteers will cook previously dried fruits and vegetables into hearty dishes. Because butchering was often performed during the late fall through early winter, some recipes that call for fresh meat also will be reproduced.

“This program gives visitors the opportunity to learn more about the seasonality of food,” museum educator Kimberly Boice said.

In addition, the farmstead’s reconstructed smokehouse will be operating to show how various types of meats were preserved by hanging them inside a smoky chamber for extended periods of time.

A donation of $2 per person will be accepted. For more information, call 610-584-5104.

Photo from Montgomery County

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