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Published during the week just ended in The Limerick Post:

Saturday, Feb. 20

Friday, Feb. 19

Thursday, Feb. 18

Wednesday, Feb. 17

Tuesday, Feb. 16

Monday, Feb. 15

  • What They Sold For … In Limerick
    A weekly review of top prices paid for real estate in Limerick, (PA) Township and surrounding municipalities.
  • Sample Wegman’s New Recipes Saturday
    The Collegeville supermarket is introducing new food concoctions its customers can test-taste.
  • Notebook Worthy
    Store owners ran out of a lot of merchandise last week: milk, bread, toilet paper, and these.  New businesses are coming to Limerick and elsewhere, or so they say. And at the businesses already open, mobile phone users are playing a hot new game.

Sunday, Feb. 14

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