The twin cooling towers at LGS, both in operation.

LIMERICK PA – The Unit 1 reactor at Exelon Nuclear’s Limerick Generating Station (LGS)Unit 1 went back online Tuesday morning (April 13, 2010) at 9:20, after company officials said it safely completed a 22-day refueling and maintenance outage than began March 22.

The outage allowed allow technicians, engineers, specialists and other workers to refuel the reactor and perform inspections, tests, maintenance and modifications on components and equipment, Exelon spokesman Joseph Szafran said. To support the refueling, LGS reportedly brought in nearly 1,900 additional specialized workers.

The start of the outage marked the completion of a successful power-generating run of 727 days for Unit 1, and set a new continuous run record at Limerick. It was the second longest continuous run for a boiling water reactor in the United States, Szafran claimed.

“The refueling … was completed safely and event-free,” said Limerick Site Vice President Chris Mudrick. “We replaced one-third of the reactor’s fuel, and performed preventive and corrective maintenance activities on plant equipment, to ensure reliable operations for the upcoming 24-month operating cycle.”

Limerick Unit 2 continued to generate electricity during the Unit 1 outage.

Photo from WikiMedia

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