PHILADELPHIA PA – Philadelphia sports talk radio station WIP announcer Glen Macnow has a fun gig to begin with, most fans think. Macnow spends a portion of his day yakking with celebrities, jocks, celebrity jocks, and the average Philly sports nut, and gets paid for it. How does a job get any better?

Combine it with good food, Mac knows.

Between late April and mid-June, Macnow is conducting what he calls the “Hot Specialty Sandwich Safari.” He writes that he’s eating his way through “as many hot sandwiches around town as I can.” He’s chosen several as the best, and is looking to nominate more.

Sadly, none from the Route 422 Corridor have yet made his list, but commenters at the bottom of his blog have suggested he check out the Coventry Pub in Pottstown PA, the Trappe Tavern in Trappe, Wasko’s in Phoenixville, and Sonny’s Italian Deli in Limerick.

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