It takes patience, and smiles, to sew by hand.

WORCESTER PA – Guests attending this week’s Colonial Camp program at Montgomery County’s historic Peter Wentz Farmstead have been doing things the old-fashioned way: writing with feather quills dipped in liquid ink, filling sachets with sweet-smelling natural ingredients, and sewing up a storm with well-protected fingers.

Old-fashioned, after all, is what the camp’s all about.

Farmstead educator Kimberly Boice reports that participants arrived Monday at the farmstead, 2100 Shearer Rd., Worcester PA, and will spend their last day today (Friday, June 25, 2010) doing the kinds of things that kept real residents of the colonies busy for weeks on end.

With ink bottles all around, one dip at a time is all one needs to write a line.

The camp is designed to appeal to students in grades 4-6 who enjoy history, science, arts and crafts. They’ve spent a good portion of each day – the camp operates from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. – in hands-on activities like woodworking, pottery, fireplace cooking, and bee-keeping. They’ve taken nature walks, and learned Native American lore. They even were scheduled to meet General George Washington … or at least someone who looks like, sounds like, and knows a lot about him.

In short, Boice said, they had a good time.

Colonial Camp has been an annual event. Those interested in participating next year can get information by calling the farmstead at 610-584-5104.

A spoonful of sweets give sachets an aromatic lift.

Photos from the Peter Wentz Farmstead

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