LIMERICK PA – Imagine yourself suspended a hundred or more feet in the air – cruising high above trees, fields, homes, and shopping centers – with the wind whipping at your bare legs and the steady hum of an engine in your ears.

You’re flying from airport to airport, from Perkiomen Valley to Limerick PA, not in a traditional airplane but in one of those one-person, open-cockpit ultra-light models that looks like a go-kart fitted with wings. Would you be having fun?

YouTube account holder MySport2S sure did, in a 7-minute video he posted Sunday (July 11, 2010). He took his footage using a Flip-brand Ultra video camera fastened to the frame of his plane. It was mounted vertically, though, not horizontally, so the images consequently show more of a black border then you may be accustomed to.

The flight itself is thrilling. Go take a ride!

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