Kids were all smiles as they rode the Miner Mike roller coaster.

LIMERICK PA – The Limerick Fire Company’s annual summer carnival continues through tonight (Saturday, July 17, 2010) behind the fire hall on Ridge Pike, Limerick PA, with proceeds benefiting the fire company.

Friday night’s (July 16) somewhat cooler temperatures (or cooler, at least, in comparison to daytime highs in the mid- to upper-90s) made visiting the carnival enjoyable for many families. Parents munched on snack foods, sold either from vendors on site or from the ladies’ auxiliary food tent, while watching their children troop through a haunted house, go circular on flying swings, choose the most appealing toy duck from a pond, or otherwise occupy themselves in a dozen different ways.

Parking was easy and plentiful available nearby.

A pair of friends thought the giant slide was a hoot.

Some folks got a great view from a high perch on the Ferris wheel.

Those who bobbed for ducks won ducks as their prize ... so what's Mom doing with that oversized inflated hammer?

Those who went fishing usually caught something, and took a stuffed animal (rather than the fish) home as their reward.

And those who went digging for buried treasure more often than not came up with something other than sand in their shoes.

The tall spire of the nearby Limerick Chapel serves as a counterpoint to the squat and brightly lit Tilt-A-Whirl ride.

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