UNHAPPY ABOUT TOWNSHIP’S DENIAL – Bryan Tuckey, owner of East Coast Marine, 3363 W. Ridge Pike, Limerick PA, apparently is making known his displeasure with a decision by the Limerick (PA) Township Board of Supervisors to deny a request to expand his business. Tuckey during July sought permission under a conditional use permit to conduct automobile sales and repairs at his location in addition to those for boats; board members, including Chairman Kenneth Sperring, said no Tuesday (Aug. 17, 2010), in a 3-0 vote. Passers-by traveling West Ridge Pike on Sunday (Aug. 22) saw a vinyl sign covering East Coast Marine’s regular signage. In green letters on a white background, the sign at Tucker’s business said “Welcome to Ken Sperring’s Township Formerly Limerick Township Home of Special Interests & Kickbacks.”

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