A solar-powered landscape lamp may do the trick, says Police Chief Albany.

LIMERICK PA – Bringing what’s outside in can be a literal life-saver during severe storms, according to Limerick (PA) Township Police Chief William Albany.

During storms that leave homes without electrical power for several hours, most people  traditionally turn to flashlights and candles for emergency lighting. Candles, however, present a potential fire hazard, Albany notes, and usually there are too few working flashlights available for an entire household.

The chief’s suggested alternative may be right in a home owner’s front yard. They’re the decorative, solar-powered lights that illuminate sidewalks, pathways, and landscaping at night.

Bring the solar lamps inside the house during a power outage and strategically place them so they offer enough illumination to move about, Albany said in a recent e-mail. It’s easily accomplished, he noted, because most lights can be lifted from their stakes and placed in a glass or mug for stable mounting indoors.

They are always ready and have no open flame. Better yet, the chief added, they usually last all night long and can be returned outside in the morning to recharge beneath the sun … assuming, of course, that a storm has passed by then.

Photo from Limerick Township

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