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Published during the week just ended in The Limerick Post:

Saturday, Sept. 18

  • Keep Healthy Next Week
    A weekly review of free or low-cost local seminars, support groups, screenings, tests and clinics to help you stay healthy and fit, sponsored or conducted by community health care organizations.
  • Trout Unlimited Works On Stream Bank Erosion Control
    The Perkiomen Valley chapter of Trout Unlimited will work today (Saturday, Sept. 18) to complete part of its stream bank erosion control project on the West Branch of the Perkiomen Creek. (This story is published by Troutrageous, Limerick PA, and is hosted on its website).

Friday, Sept. 17

Wednesday, Sept. 15

Tuesday, Sept. 14

  • Safe Indoor Emergency Lighting May Be Just Outside
    If the power goes out candles and flashlights may not be handy, and an open flame might even be dangerous. Limerick’s police chief offers an alternative you may not have considered when all goes dark.

Monday, Sept. 13

Sunday, Sept. 12

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