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Deer season starts Monday (Lansdale PA Reporter)
Hunters will be taking to the woods on Monday morning for the 2010 antlered and anterless deer season.

Planners put positive spin on tolls for stretch of 422 (Philadelphia PA Inquirer)
There might be no more frustrating, dashboard-banging, horn-worthy commute in the Philadelphia suburbs than Route 422’s 25-mile stretch. But are local drivers willing to pay to ease that daily backup? It depends on how you ask the question, regional planners say.

Teens too often exploring the dark side of technology (Pottstown PA Mercury)
All it takes is one moment, one press of the thumb, to ruin your life. And the worst part is, you did it to yourself.

Tips for parents of teenagers to spot potential online threats (Pottstown PA Mercury)
Unwilling to give her name, a parent and a friend had just sat through a two-hour presentation on cyber-bullying and teen “sexting” and found herself at a loss. Luckily for parents and teens alike, there are tips on how to navigate this unsettling new frontier.