Ashley Pompei, assistant marketing manager for the malls.

KING OF PRUSSIA PA – Separate shuttle buses for employees and customers at the King of Prussia PA Mall will make their final runs around the vast shopping complex this Sunday (Dec. 26, 2010), the day after Christmas. Until then, though, the shuttles are reducing aggravation endured by package-burdened buyers, and saving a little of the planet, too.

The Greater Valley Forge Transportation Management Association (GVFTMA), which operates offices in Pottstown, partnered with mall management to operate the complimentary shuttles. Now running in their third consecutive year, they circulate the connected centers on a regular schedule to continuously help shoppers get from store to store without returning to their cars. They also move workers from employee parking lots to their destinations.

It’s convenient for all, and helps to reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions, according to GVFTMA.