Deserted buildings at Frick's Lock.

By Katie Kelly
for The Limerick Post

FRICK’S LOCK PA – Frick’s Lock is a deserted village in East Coventry Township. It consists of about 10 abandoned buildings. Some of these date back to the 1700s, while others are more modern, built just 50 years ago. The entire village has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places. Public access to the area is prohibited for the time being.

The small village really took off when the Schuylkill Navigation Company built a 60-mile canal. The village was formerly known as Frick’s Locks because there once were two locks there. Before all the transportation options we have now – such as airplanes, trucks, and railroads – canals were the known as the best way to transport materials like coal from mines to factories. The canal made Frick’s Lock a vital part of trading in our area.

Editor’s Note: The Post thanks Spring-Ford High School student Katie Kelly for this bit of Limerick (PA) Township history. Katie aspires to be a writer and journalist; her mother, Beth, is a well-known photographer and marketing expert. Together they are producing historical notes for The Post, which are published on Wednesdays.

Photo by Beth Studt