By Katie Kelly
for The Limerick Post

ROYERSFORD PA – Education in the Royersford and Spring City areas has changed greatly over the years.

In the 1800s all education was private. In Spring City, the first public school was located in the Lyceum Building on Main and Hall Streets. In 1849 the school was moved to the Union Meeting House. It would be moved again to another building until the Church Street School was created in 1872. It was enlarged 20 years later so it could fit all 12 grades. A new high school on New Street opened in 1929 and the Church Street School closed.

The Royersford Public Library building was once a grade school.

In 1830 in Royersford, a new grade school on at Fourth and Washington Street was built. Today it is the Royersford Public Library.

It wasn’t until the fall of 1931 until the new Royersford High School for juniors and seniors was put in place. Currently, it is used to educate the eighth graders of the Spring-Ford School District.

Editor’s Note: The Post thanks Spring-Ford High School student Katie Kelly for this bit of Limerick (PA) Township history. Katie aspires to be a writer and journalist; her mother, Beth, is a well-known photographer and marketing expert. Together they are producing historical notes for The Post, which are published on Wednesdays.

Photo by Beth Studt