What’s The Limerick Post?

The Limerick Post is an interactive news resource created in January 2009 to focus on Limerick (PA) Township and its immediately neighboring municipalities. It can be found online at https://limerickpa.wordpress.com.

Its mission is to provide information services that have disappeared from other media outlets over several years: specifically, intensely local news coverage similar to that of weekly newspapers, presented on a daily basis. In its current test phase, publication is less frequent. The Post represents the latest of Web-based independent journalism projects that have taken hold nationwide.

The Limerick Post is one of several online publications created and operated by Career Education Media Ventures of Sanatoga PA. Its managing editor is Joe Zlomek.

Joe Zlomek authors "Joe Zlomek's Sanatoga Blog"

Joe Zlomek

Who’s Joe Zlomek?

Award-winning writer, editor, and photographer Joseph M. “Joe” Zlomek lives in and operates from Sanatoga PA.

Zlomek has a life-long background in print and electronic journalism. He has been a newspaper reporter, editor, and publisher; and a freelance writer and photographer since 1971. His work has been published in major magazines and trade periodicals in the U.S. and internationally, and on the Web. He specializes in writing about local news and events, real estate issues, technology-based industries, business marketing, and travel.

Zlomek is managing editor of Career Education Media Ventures (CEMV), which provides written and multimedia news content to subscribing publishers. In addition to The Limerick Post, Zlomek also writes or is a contributor to:

The Sanatoga Post, at http://www.sanatoga.org

The Pottstown Post, at http://pottstownpa.wordpress.com

Joe Zlomek’s Eye, at http://www.wordwrks.com/eye.html

Joe Zlomek’s Docket, at http://www.joezlomek.com/docket.html

Joe Zlomek’s Photography Blog, at http://www.sxc.hu/blog/jzlomek and

Your Real Estate Career, a blog for Polley Associates (at which Joe Zlomek serves as marketing director) at http://polleyassociates.wordpress.com

4 Responses to “About”

  1. Hi Joe. As you know, Phoenixville Hospital serves the residents of the Rt. 422 corridor as well as operates an outpatient surgery center in Limerick. I’d love to work with you on getting more health information out to the community. Maybe a weekly health column???

  2. Joe Zlomek Says:

    Brian, thanks very much for your comment. Excellent suggestion. Please feel free to send news, press releases and event notices to The Limerick Post at limerickpanews@yahoo.com, or to The Sanatoga Post at sanatoga@yahoo.com. And, BTW, did you see this:


    which published Saturday? Just trying to anticipate readers’ needs …

    Joe Zlomek, Managing Editor, The Limerick Post

  3. Jim Says:


    Was poking around Google Analytics and saw some referrals from your site. First time I had heard of it but it looks good! I am adding a link back to you from Around Phoenixville, nice to know there are others out there trying to keep people up to date since it seems our papers don’t do a great job of it.

    Anyway, thanks for the link.


  4. Lisa Gak Says:

    Hi Joe,
    I am an advertising account executive with MyCommunityTREND that delivers weekly to homes throughout Montco, Main Line, Chester, Delco & Bucks counties. My main areas of focus are reaching out to businesses and service providers in Royersford, Limerick, Linfield, Schwenksville & Collegeville for print advertising. We also just launched a new direct mail monthly glossy ad magazine. Keep on doing what you are doing as we are all here to help each other network, grow & be educated as to what is going on in our communities. I am a firm believer in the internet and in the value of print advertising drawing people to the internet for even more information. This way as you know, businesses can maximize their value. I’m going to keep checking your site. In addition to working on creative ad campaigns with my clients, I like to assist them in networking with other resources as I come across them. We have opportunities as well on our website phillynews.com/mycommunity where you may be able to draw more traffic to your site and access more community information & vice versa. I can be reached by any local business interested in advertising information by email LGak@phillynews.com or by phone 215-354-3007. Best of luck. Continue spreading the word. We’re all in this together.

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